Jetjams Robic a new innovation in Aerobic Dance music. Jetjams Robic takes all the familiar dance songs of the 80's and 90s and removes the lyrics so you can instruct over the music. Robic sets feature 2 levels, Intermediate - 25 minute sets; and Advanced - 50 minute sets. They also feature 2 intensity levels, " Dance" which is mixed at 120 - 124 Beats Per Minute (BPM), and " Aerobic" which is mixed at 136 - 140 BPM. Each Robic Pak will feature 2 sets, the Intermediate 25 minute beatmixed set and Advanced, the 50 minute beatmixed set; you just select your favorite set with the level you want. Check out the songs in the sets and download them now, at the Beatmix Market.

1. Intermediate

  • Length = 20 minutes
  • Tempo = 124 Beats Per Minute (BPM)

2. Advanced

  • Length = 45 minutes
  • Tempo = 142 BPM (BPM)

Jetjams Robic available now for download at the Beatmix Market.